ROKH features a complete in-game programming system. Players will be able to automate their habitats in multiple ways. They can control their airlock (lock and unlock), remotely launch devices outside such as drillers and pumps, start and schedule the refining and smelting of raw resources and automate the defense system. The system can be controlled by remote or by adding a main console into the closed circuit system (still pending development).

So what happens when the dirty water tank is full, but the pump is still running?

You have four potential outcomes here:

  1. The lowest tensile strength link in the chain will explode
  2. The player manually shuts off the pump and ice driller before something explodes
  3. The player adds a release valve and spill pipe somewhere in the chain, but the excess resources are wasted
  4. The player uses the programming system to automatically turn off the pump and ice driller when the tank reaches a certain percentage filled as a conditional. 

Enabling players to automatically prevent catastrophic base failure is one of the primary goals of the programming system. But also by programming your devices, it allows you to set a custom behavior (e.g. defense turrets power up if an alarm is tripped).

With the console, players will be able to control every device within the habitat. Future expansion on the system may include a radio tower, allowing players to carry a remote with them. Players beware however because with automation, comes hackers who would enjoy nothing more than to turn the system against it's creator.