Using the Tile system, players will need to construct a habitat to survive on Mars. The habitat will first need to provide a pressurized space. For huge structures which would require a lot of oxygen to be pressurized, players will need to create an airlock that will enable players to adjust to an unpressurized environment before exiting the habitat as well as creating a seal between the inside and the door leading out. This will help conserve oxygen use by repressurizing a small area rather than the entire habitat.

The outside of the habitat walls should be reinforced to defend against harsh weather and player attacks. Solar panels would most likely be placed on or near the top of the habitat and directly linked through the tile system to the inside. The tiles have a wire circuit built into them allowing players to bring energy to wherever they need to use it.


Pipes can be linked through the tile system to create a connection between devices, storage and the habitat. Water collected by any means necessary can be pumped from the collectors to tanks to the filtering systems with the use of pumps, even from lower levels. Oxygen concentrated from an atmospheric gas reclaimer can be brought directly to tanks inside the habitat and used to pressurize the indoors.